Email Aliases

  • What is an e-mail alias?
    Aliases are useful because they allow your electronic correspondents to send mail to you without having to specify the specific machine on which you receive mail. Also, if the machine on which you receive and send mail forwards all mail to the JHU mail hub (, your real address can be automatically rewritten to appear to correspondents as if it came from your alias. In addition, if your real email address changes and you register this change with the email hub, your correspondents will continue to use your email alias without knowing the change in your email address. Finally, standardized aliases, e.g., permit consistent addresses within an institution.

    For example, if Mike Sepanski reads mail at and creates an alias:, people can send electronic mail to and it will be forwarded by the mail hub to transparently. If Mike then replies to this mail, provided his system forwards outgoing mail through the mail hub, his correspondent will see the mail as coming from

  • How do I get an e-mail alias?
    Log into JHED and in your MyJHED page, you will see a link to "JH E-Mail Alias Admin". Click this to open the utility.

    Please read the policy displayed explaining e-mail aliases at Johns Hopkins and click the Accept button if you agree and wish to continue.

    If you are primarily affiliated with the university, your email alias can be or
    If you are primarily affiliated with the hospital or one of the health systems, your alias can only be

    If you are university affiliated: Your primary email address as listed in the directory will be displayed. You will then be able to select up to three aliases that you can link to your email account. You will need to select which alias will serve as your primary alias.

    If you are hospital affiliated: Your primary email address as listed in the directory will be displayed. Your primary alias will be your or email account You will have the ability to add in two more aliases, but will be unable to change your primary alias.

    Once you have completed the alias selection, there will be a 15 minute update time to the directory servers in order to activate your new alias (es). You may then begin to use the new alias and tell others to use it as well.